Q: Why choose vegan skincare?


In my personal opinion, veganism falls within a broader decision to make ethical choices for the Earth's benefit. It's a little more of a drastic change than carrying around a reusable coffee cup, for example, but it's rooted in intentionality nonetheless. If living a completely vegan lifestyle is a daunting idea, your skincare routine is a great place to start.

When we think of non-vegan products across the skincare sphere, there are a couple major offenders to be on the lookout for. Collagen is renowned for its lip plumping effects, skin rejuvenation and in cosmetic fillers. However, despite there being a vegan alternative available through genetic modification, it is more commonly derived from animal fats, namely cows and fish. Squalene is a powerful hydrator with anti-ageing properties, however one common source of squalene is a chemical extracted from shark liver oil. To make matters worse, the sharks considered best for the job are listed globally as vulnerable to extinction. Glycerin is another to look out for, whilst there is a plant-based version of this ingredient readily available, you'd do well to check you're not using the one derived from animal fat. 

So, what should we be looking for? There are plenty of awesome natural ingredients that go into effective skincare, and vegan alternatives to the ones I just mentioned. You'll also want to make sure the products you use haven't been tested on animals. Q+A refuses to test on animals, however you might find bigger brands who will do so in order to enter certain markets that require it. 


Let's take a look at three of Q+A's top vegan picks:

Squalane Facial Oil 

This is our natural alternative to shark liver oil, 100% derived from olive oil. If you're in need of some intense hydration, this is the oil for you. You can substitute it as a moisturiser, or as a topical treatment for dry skin. If you're someone like me with oily skin, I save it for when the cold gives me patches of dry skin; it's an overnight miracle! Squalane can also be used on your hair; it hydrates as well as protecting from the heat! What better way to cut down on waste than invest in multipurpose products?

Grapefruit Cleansing Balm 

100% natural and amazing and removing your makeup at the end of a busy day, this Cleansing Balm is an amazing addition to your routine! It uses a gorgeous blend of moisturising oils, like Squalane and Sweet Almond, and super creamy Cocoa Butter to melt all unwanted products and excess oils from your skin, washing away to reveal a fresh complexion! 

Superfood Facial Oil

You asked for plant-based? We delivered 100% natural and plant-overflowing. It combines the powers of Apricot, Grape, Raspberry, Cranberry, Blackcurrant, Prickly Pear and Sunflower extracts to name a few. It packs a huge punch in just a little amount (so don't go crazy!), making it a hydrating night treatment that you can use again and again. 


It's no secret that what you put in, and on, your body matters. Veganism boasts plenty of health benefits, and that is no different when it comes to your skincare regime. And you get the peace of mind knowing you're taking care of yourself and the Earth in one bottle of oil. 

As always, if you have a question, or would like some more clarification, feel free to comment or message us!


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Amy Robson


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