Q: Which oil should I go for, Super Food Facial Oil or Squalane Facial Oil?


Just like moisturizers, not all oils are created equal. And when it comes to choosing the right one, there are a couple important factors to consider. Enter our two players, Super Food and Squalane, hashing it out for the highest achievement; to moisturise and protect your skin. 

Level 1: Weight

Now, I’ve spoken a lot about Squalane over the blog, so if you’ve been tuning in each week most of this won’t come as a surprise. This oil is non-comedogenic, meaning it doesn’t clog your pores. We already make a version of Squalane, squalene, in our skin cells, so they’re more than happy to accept more without feeling like it’s just sitting on the top of your skin.

But where Squalane has just one ingredient, Super Food has twenty-two! Whilst some, like Jojoba Oil, are similarly easy to absorb due to their likeness to our current skin makeup, others prefer to stand guard longer before entering through the gates.

Level 2: Concern

I think it’s pretty clear to say the benefits of a facial oil, regardless of their specifics, are moisturization, and protection. The dynamic duo of a poet, soothing with his chemical song, and a fighter, armed to shield at all cost.

Squalane invites a mage, or a wizard if you will. With the ability to turn back time, and transform the wellness of your skin back to that of a younger you, it is perfect for those concerned with reducing signs of aging. We start to lose the squalene content of our skin around thirty, but not all hope is lost. Squalane is a glamour that goes skin-deep.

A rogue scavenger has joined Super Food’s party. Donating extra electrons to havoc-wreaking free radicals, the oil neutralises oxidative stress before it can cause long-term damage. It can adapt to any stressor, from cigarette smoke, to UV exposure, and air pollution. Dullness, sensitivity, redness and skin in disrepair are expelled by its sorcerer, harnessing the magical combination of vitamins, essential fatty acids and not-so-essential-but-still-amazing fatty acids. Your skin will feel as soft as a cloud.

Level 3: Actives

Both of these hard-working oils are 100% natural! Squalane maxed out on, sorry I’m repeating myself, Squalane! Super Food’s diverse equipment include Prickly Pear, Pomegranate, Strawberry, Camu Camu Berry, Apricot, Blackcurrent, Sea Buckthorn and Hazel. This begs the question, do you like to concentrate your resources into consistency, or prefer a mixed concoction with the power to do all sorts of wonders? 

Level 4: Versatility

The final challenge. Considering how much we talk about the versatility of Squalane, this probably has a clear winner. Because it’s so easily absorbed and compliments our current cell makeup, you can use this oil to soften and condition your hair, moisturize your lips, massage your cuticles, repair sunburn and for a little natural highlighting glow across your body. Even oily skin can enjoy Squalane (instead of adding oil to your face, it tells your skin to produce less oil), and sensitive skin will love its gentle powers. Squalane really can do it all!  

Super Food though, unfortunately, is not for everyone. Dry and sensitive skin will adore a few drops each night, but normal skin might prefer it every few days, or once a week, to avoid feeling too oily, and combo skin might choose to apply only in certain areas where needed. Or maybe they won’t be able to get enough! As a massage oil for your DIY spa evenings, or a boost of hydration and antioxidants when you’re feeling a little lacklustre, it doesn’t get better than this.


Well, no, we won’t be assigning points to these two products, because like with our moisturiser battle, you decide the winner! Which facial oil garnered your interest, and looks like the right fit for your fight against flawed skin... Is it Super Food Facial Oil, the powerful and dexterous party of twenty-two, or Squalane Facial Oil, our single-handed spellbinding all-rounder?


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Amy Robson


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