Q: Which moisturiser should I pick, Ginger Root Daily Moisturizer or Chamomile Night Cream?


Unlike our last two blogs in the versus series (daily moisturizers and facial oils), this matchup is slightly different. Why? Well, the answer is clear as day and night! But you know us as Q+A, we like our products to be versatile, and rise to any challenge. So why should you take one (or both!) of these lush creams home with you?


Phase 1: For morning protection, choose the Ginger Root Daily Moisturizer

The beauty of a good moisturizer is that it’s waiting and ready to help you start your day on the right foot! There are so many questions these days about how they’ll support your skin in whatever you do, and wherever you go, rather than just ‘how moisturizing is it?’. Arguably one of the most important ones is ‘will my moisturizer protect my skin through thick and thin?’. Hopefully, the answer is yes. Some of the assaults you’ll experience are easy to identify, such as intense sun, freezing winds, and dust in the air. Others are a little sneakier, like pollution, smoke, stress, and even exercising! Because of this duality, we need a moisturizer which provides both a physical barrier for our skin and does some work under the surface to strengthen and protect.   

 While you wake up with early bird Ginger Root’s zingy scent, it lays down the groundwork for adequately protected skin, making it such a good choice for daytime use. A light and non-comedogenic blend of Sunflower, Grape, and Jojoba Oils easy absorbs into your skin, leaving a light yet sturdy layer of defence to fend off physical irritants and keep your skin cells from losing moisture, without making you feel oily or clogging up those pores! Superfoods aren’t just for your breakfast bowls either, with one of our favourite superfoods  Aloe Vera part of the mix. We all know that it’s soothing for sunburn, but were you aware that it helps to strengthen your skin barrier as well? Aloe Vera naturally contains Salicylic Acid, which assists in preventing bacteria and fungi from getting their foot in the door and wreaking some havoc. Ginger Root has one more trick up its sleeve (or tube!) though. Because of its antioxidant power (which you may very well be aware is just the thing needed to help avoid lasting damage from UV exposure), the Ginger Oil and Ginger Extract support your SPF in protecting against sunburn related concerns such as hyperpigmentation, and accelerated signs of aging.   

 Chamomile loves slow, relaxed mornings, but it certainly isn’t for everyone! Whilst it has some of the same protection benefits of Sunflower, Grape and Jojoba Oil and Aloe Vera, it also uses another layer of defence in Shea Butter. Packed with fatty acids (like linoleic and oleic acid), this moisturising ingredient goes smoothly over your skin and creates a seal. This is great for evening time when your skin needs that overnight protection, but can be far less suitable for day wear on oily to normal or even dry skin types, best for those whose skin is more on the sensitive side. 


Phase 2: For a midday perk up, you could go for either!

Now that you’ve woken up on the right side of the bed, and donned your protection, how are the actives of your moisturizers working below the skin surface? We can’t have your skin breaking out, showing premature ageing, or looking red and irritated when you’re only halfway through the day! Flawless skin relies on a few background tasks taking place as time ticks on, or a second layer if your skin needs it (especially if you have drier skin in winter!).    

 Not only does the Ginger support your sun defence efforts! A true multitasker, it helps to protect your collagen levels from degrading (hello plump skin!), fighting off blemishes from forming and causing soreness, boosting circulation, and using that antioxidant action to repair the skin where it has been previously damaged by UV exposure. Tackling both dark spots, such as sunspots, and tissue damage, like light scarring, Ginger keeps your complexion even. Whether or not you have any social dates planned, Ginger can’t go a day, let alone an hour, without its good friend Tocopherol! Also packed with antioxidants, as well as a high content of Vitamin E, Tocopherol supports Ginger on every endeavour.   

Chamomile, on the other hand, has a single-minded focus, and an unparalleled determination to keep your skin calm and placated. Chamomile has been traditionally used for centuries as a herbal medicine, regarded for its soothing properties, and there’s no change when it comes to your skincare! If your skin has started to get irritated by being outdoors (particularly cold winter winds), interacting with the pollutants I mentioned earlier, or dry indoor air caused by central heating, Chamomile is there to mediate and keep the stress from getting to you. No redness or sensitivity, please!


Phase 3: For evening rejuvenation, pick Chamomile Night Cream

Here’s where your moisturiser has a real opportunity to shine! Not only do we have the day’s events to recover from, but the entire night while you’re asleep to be productive without any distractions.   

A true night owl, Chamomile does its best work once the sun has gone down. Think of it like the hot bath you take to let all of your worries wash away, or the tea you brew (perhaps a chamomile?) which can instantly relax your senses. Chamomile itself is naturally anti-inflammatory,  thanks to the Bisabolol it contains. The moon rises, and the extra Bisabolol within this cream emerges to soothe your skin, from dry patches, to itchiness, emerging spots which ache beneath the skin surface, swelling, redness, and any reactions you’ve had to the day’s pollutants or other products. That's an entire to-do list ticked off! Ah, but that’s not all. Its properties include helping hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone and turning back the clock on your skin. To top it off, Glycerin helps moisture be absorbed from the atmosphere into your skin cells, and then Shea Butter seals everything in like a warm duvet keeping the cold night air at arms reach.   

Ginger Root isn’t all zest and zing, and it could get you ready to settle down for a tranquil evening. Tocopherol and Jojoba Oil help replenish any moisture you lost throughout the day, whilst Allantoin is ready for its spotlight as an anti-irritant,  allowing your skin defences a well deserved rest. However, the PM perfect actives in our Chamomile Night Cream remain undefeated for your night-time regime, even when Ginger Root contains all this goodness!



Putting the discussion to rest…

So perhaps you are now wondering, is the difference between the Ginger Root Daily Moisturiser and Chamomile Night Cream really as clear as night and day? They’re both equipped to sustain your skin from dawn to dusk but each formula certainly has its unique benefits. Ginger Root, is jumping out of bed with you excited for what is to come, and keeping danger at bay. The other, Chamomile, is waiting with open arms for you to return home and reflect, relax, and recover in its care. Of course, it is entirely up to you if your lifestyle calls for one over the other, but I can’t resist incorporating both in my regime!


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