Q: What makes our Squalane Facial Oil such a versatile product?


Or perhaps an alternate title should be “Q: what makes Squalane worth more than one dedicated blog?” Well, it’s just that good. We know it’s a great ingredient for all skin types, but there are more uses for this oil than you might’ve thought of… 

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Okay, yes, we have mentioned this trick a few times, but it bears repeating. A few drops massaged into the ends of your hair, when it’s dry, can do wonders for improving strength and avoiding those pesky split ends! You might also consider it if your scalp is feeling dry or flaky, or comb it out through your hair with a wide toothed comb to add some shine!

Another consideration… Add a few drops into your chosen hair mask. You’ll get that great moisture boost, without applying oil directly to your hair!


Does this still count as face? Not quite, our lip skin has a harder time than our facial skin staying moisturized. So a little Squalane dabbed on throughout the day, or before you go to bed can be your failsafe to avoid cracked and dry lips.


Our nails and cuticles need hydration too, especially if you prefer your nails coloured. Purchasing cuticle oil may seem unnecessary for an occasional application, so it makes sense to turn to your trusty Squalane for a quick fix. Also, ever find you’ve dispensed a little too much from the pipette when applying to skin or hair? Rest assured you haven’t wasted a drop by massaging into your cuticles.


Try switching out your usual aftersun for a few drops of Squalane to bring moisture back to any sunburnt skin and promote repair, whilst also protecting the skin from environmental irritants that might worsen the look and feel of your skin. You could also try adding a few drops to your favourite after sun product, whether it be a lotion or gel.


Don’t worry, I’m not about to recommend you tip your entire 30ml bottle of Squalane out onto yourself for a full-body moisturize. But if you’re looking to add a little natural shine or glow to your legs, or shoulders, then this lovely ingredient has your back. Who needs highlighter when you already have that gorgeous glow?

For a real treat add a few drops of your Squalane Oil into a warm bath. As you soak, the body oil and bath water will gently hydrate your skin. You can even apply a few more drops of to your damp skin when you hop out for a real moisture boost!

Cracked Heels

Having trouble keeping your feet as hydrated as your face? Using oils, sometimes in tandem with a massage, has for a long time been a good solution for dry feet and heels. Either apply with your feet on a towel to avoid excess oil getting anywhere, or apply before adorning a nice pair of socks to keep the oil in and off your bedsheets if you use it at night.



So many uses for one simple oil! You’ll be running through it in record time… Good thing there's plenty of Squalane Facial Oil to go around!

Let us know your favourite alternative use for Squalane!  


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