Q: How can skincare help you in times of stress?


It’s seemed like with each passing week, and even day, the world is changing. With people increasingly working from home, countries in lockdown, and many others on their way, it seems like there’s no better time like the present to talk about skin care and wellness...

In my research for today’s blog, more often than not I was reading about the threat of isolation on our mental health. It’s no hard connection to draw that decreased socialisation, fresh air and independence can not only make us want to rip our hair out in frustration, but also start to feel down. Or perhaps it’s just exacerbating a situation that you no longer feel you can control. I guess if you’d have to pick the time your face filled with pimples, look dull and dry, or shine brighter than a polished apple, it would be when you knew you weren’t going to be seen by anyone, but there’s still a very strong argument for indulging in your skin instead.

Let’s go through some of the benefits.

It gives you a routine

There’s nothing worse than starting to feel like the days are melting into each other, especially when you’re faced with the same four walls on repeat. Starting your day with your usual skincare routine, and then repeating in the evening, can help keep structure in your day to day. If you can also stick to a regular sleeping pattern, your body and your mood is going to thank you for it. 

It’s a self-confidence boost

I don’t know about you, but waking up to unhappy skin puts me on a bad foot before I’ve even had breakfast. The better your skin looks, the better you’re likely to feel. And the better you feel, the less likely you’ll be spending the day feeling lost or unproductive.

One of the common causes for pimple-pickers is the desire for control. If you don’t even have the choice to go out, you might start looking for that power elsewhere. Picking, touching, prodding… all things we’re best to avoid, especially now. 

It’s relaxing

Your evening skincare routine can be the perfect wind down to the end of a day. You get to spend a little time just with yourself, cleaning off the day’s stresses and preparing yourself for a good night’s sleep. Putting on a mask and having a cup of tea, watching an episode of your favourite show, or reading a book is great for some me-time in general, let alone to relax in the midst of a pandemic.

I tend to feel, when I’m stuck at home, that I’m not doing enough. I lean towards comparing what I could’ve achieved walking into town, or doing some shopping, to the amount of time I just spent sitting on the couch on my phone. With a mask, or something I have to ‘let sit’, the time doesn’t feel so wasted. 


Increased washing and cleaning can damage your skin

Following health advice, I’m sure you’re cleaning your hands after any foray outside, and being extra careful about your general cleanliness. Perhaps you’ve decided to deep clean your home, or managed to snag the last hand sanitiser bottle on the shelf and are putting it to use. It’s going to dry out your skin, and you’ll thank yourself later for some pre-emptive moisturizing of your hands, face, and other problem areas. A lot of face products can double up if you can’t find your hand cream or body moisturizer.

Above all, please be taking extra care of yourself amidst this unprecedented experience, whether it’s to stay physically healthy, mentally calm, or any mix of the two. Stay active, and try to avoid wells of misinformation and fear mongering. We’re all in this together, near or far ❤️


Stay safe!

Amy @ Team Q+A



Amy Robson


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