Q: How can I remedy Winter skin?


I hope you are all doing well (for as well as can be as this ~interesting year~ draws to a close), and finding the transition from brisk Autumn evenings to freezing Winter mornings smooth. December is almost here and although we love the festive feeling it brings, it's definitely not our favourite month when it comes to our skin health. Unfortunately  we all know that winter weather can take a toll on your skin! So to answer my question, first we must have a look at...


What does Winter skin look like?


Although a UK Winter promises plenty of rain, the cold air, and chilly winds strip your skin of moisture. Pair this with indoor heating causing your house to fill up with dry, non-humid, air, it's a recipe for tighter feeling and more textured skin.


This usually just comes hand in hand with dryness, but dullness in particular gives you a very washed out complexion, showing that too much dry and dead skin is blocking the healthier cells below.


Harsh conditions, like desperately cold winds, can cause your skin to flare up, which can liaise your skin to feel more sensitive or sore to the touch, and exacerbate pre-existing concerns such as blemishes or sensitivity.


What does Winter skin look like?

Change up your usual routine!

Just because you have oily skin, doesn't mean the winter weather can't make you dry out. Just as your dry skin routine might still need a little boost when it comes to the coldest months of the year. Which leads me to..

Add more moisture!

One of the best ways you can reduce the effects of moisture stripping factors is to be replenishing lost stocks at the end of the day.. Look for deeply hydrating products like our Hyaluronic Acid Facial Serum which promotes long-lasting hydration, and perhaps a thicker moisturizer, like our Collagen Face Cream, to ensure your skin isn't missing out. Make sure you are adding moisture to the skin as part of your morning and nightly regime too, to both prepare and repair the skin. 

 Your cleanser can be a culprit for making matters worse, so keep an eye out for pesky SLS, opting for a more gentle wash, like our Hyaluronic Acid Hydrating Cleanser

 This is all in relation to your usual routine though! As someone who only needs the moisturization from collagen in my favourite Zinc PCA Facial Serum (and no moisturiser!) for my very oily skin, this is the time I introduce a light moisturizer for added support.

Exfoliate and mask to brighten!

If winter dullness is a problem, a gentle chemical exfoliation like our Apple AHA Exfoliating Gel can help uncover your healthy and bright skin cells by dissolving the bonds between dead and damaged cells so that they can be washed away. Even just used once a week can really help boost your skin cell turnover and improve the texture of your complexion. A face mask can also help clear unwanted oils and impurities away, whilst giving your skin ample time to absorb all the goodies. Plus, it's the perfect evening activity for when you're in need of relaxing!


Whether you prefer a heavy moisturiser or facial oil, skincare can help you protect your skin for when you're facing the winter elements, both outdoor and indoor. They form a physical barrier to prevent moisture loss, and protect against environmental damage. Don't forget to apply before you head out for the day, or before bed to restore and rejuvenate your skin overnight. And there's nothing that does rejuvenation better than our Super Food Facial Oil. Seriously!


These can all just be minor adjustments, but the best way for you to keep looking and feeling healthy!


Wishing you a wonderful Winter,

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